How Can You Add A Comment In A Javascript?

Two forward slashes (//) begin single-line Javascript comments. Even if there are forward slashes in the commented text, every content following the two forward slashes until the end of a line becomes a comment.

Similarly, How can you add a comment in a JavaScript and write example?

In JavaScript, you insert two slashes “//” in front of the code or text you want the JavaScript interpreter to disregard to make a single line comment. All content to the right of these two slashes will be ignored until the following line is placed.

Also, it is asked, How do I make a comment section in JavaScript?

A static textarea at the top of the page and a button to add comments — We begin by placing a textarea at the top of the page to accept new comments and a button to add the new comment to our section. I’ve also built a div called allComments, to which I want to attach all of the comments that have been made to my page.

Secondly, How comments are used in JavaScript?

Comments in JavaScript are used to add remarks to your code or to deactivate portions of code without removing them. In JavaScript, comments are produced by putting / before a single line or /* before and */ after several lines. A variety of computer languages provide the ability to comment on code as a standard feature.

Also, Which tag is used to add comments in JavaScript?

In the source code, the comment tag is used to insert comments. In most browsers, comments aren’t visible.

People also ask, How can you add a comment in a JavaScript Mcq?

7. In a JavaScript remark, which of the following statements is correct? / In JavaScript, this is a comment is the right statement for comment.

Related Questions and Answers

How do you write a comment for JavaScript and CSS?

Use the “/ text” and “/* text */” syntaxes. In CSS, comments are often used to describe the intent of the declarations of style rules. It will assist you and others in comprehending what you were attempting to accomplish with the style rules while updating style sheets. The browsers do not show the comments.

How do you comment out a script?

/ is used to start single-line comments. JavaScript ignores any text between / and the end of the line (will not be executed).

How do you write a comment in a function?

The following code tags should be used for functions: @desc – Give your function a name and a description. @param – Describe all of the function’s input arguments. @returns – Describe the output that was returned. @throws – Specify the sort of error that the function may produce.

How do you put a comment in HTML?

A comment is text placed inside the!!> tags in HTML. This syntax informs the browser that these are comments that should not be shown on the front end. You may make notes in the comments tag to remember yourself where you left off in the construction process.

How are comments written in Java?

Two forward slashes (//) begin single-line comments. Java ignores any text between / and the end of the line (will not be executed).

What is the shortcut to comment out in JavaScript?

You may comment out a part of code by selecting it and using the Ctrl+K+C key combination. The code may be uncommented by using Ctrl+K+U.

How do I comment in react JS?

Similar to conventional JavaScript, we can create comments in React using the double forward-slash / or the asterisk format /* */.

Which symbol is used for comments in JavaScript Mcq?

Place two slashes “//” in front of the code or text you want the JavaScript interpreter to disregard to make a single line comment in JavaScript.

What is === in JavaScript?

The stringent equality operator (===) returns a Boolean value if its two operands are equal. The rigorous equality operator, unlike the equality operator, considers operands of different types to be different at all times.

How do we insert comments in CSS?

In CSS, here’s how to leave a comment. Simply add your normal text within /* */ marks to comment in CSS. This informs the browser that these are notes that should not be shown on the front end.

What is a comment example?

A comment is defined as a statement or remark. A remark published in the newspaper regarding a current scandal is an example of a comment. 8. noun

How can we add comments to the changes made?

AnswerClick to place the cursor near the text you want to remark on, or choose the text or item you want to comment on. Click New under Comments on the Review tab. In the comment bubble, type the comment content.

How do you comment on a post?

Below a post, tap. Tap At the bottom of the screen, write a remark, then enter it in. To capture or upload a picture, just tap. To add a sticker to a remark, tap it.

How do you comment on text?

Click the dialog or message to which you wish to add a remark in the Text and Messages explorer, and then identify the string that should include the comment. 3. Double-click the string’s Remark value, then write your comment.

How do you comment a line in a bash script?

Start each line with the hash symbol (#) to make single-line comments in bash. The sole exception is HashBang (#!) in the script file’s first line. A Bash script with single line comments in between instructions is shown below.

How do you add a comment in a shell script?

A single-line remark begins with the hashtag symbol (#) and continues to the end of the line. If the remark is longer than one line, add a hashtag to the following line and continue the conversation. The shell script has a single-line remark prefixed with the # character.

How do you comment multiple lines in a script?

We may use a name of comment to remark on numerous lines in Shell or Bash shell. We begin a comment block with and call it anything we want, and we just put the name of the remark wherever we want to end it.

How do you enter a comment in a program?

A comment is a line of code that begins with a slash asterisk /* and ends with an asterisk slash */. It may appear anywhere in your program. Within your C program, comments may span many lines. Comments are usually placed immediately above the C source code that they pertain to.

What are comments and how do you give them in HTML?

Comments are text or code that is put in your code to explain the code but is not visible to the user. HTML comments refer to comments that are used in HTML files. The browser will disregard anything put between these tags, thus comments will not appear on the page.

What is /* in Java?

In Java comments, /** and /* are used. The Java compiler ignores all characters available inside any comment. Documentation comments are denoted by the symbol /**. When the Javadoc tool creates documentation for program code, it uses it. For multi-line comments, /* is utilized.

What are the two ways to write comments in a Java program?

There are two types of comments in Java programs: implementation comments and documentation comments.

What is an example of comment in Java?

In computer programming, comments are a part of the code that Java compilers entirely disregard. They are mostly used to assist programmers in comprehending the code. For example, / define and initialize two variables int a = 1; int b = 3; / print the System output.

Which shortcut is used to add comment?

The best method to make a remark is to pressAlt” + “R” + “C.”


In Javascript, comments are used to add notes and explanations that cannot be seen by the code. Comments can also be used to insert a comment that has more than one line in javascript.

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